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CogniLearning has worked in close relationship with the LEAD lab (Laboratoire Electronique de l’Apprentissage et du Développement) of the University of Burgundy. Thanks to this collaboration, we have designed a system for creating self-training modules that respect the recommandations of cognitive ergonomics for multimedia supports. These recommendations are the following:

Rapid learning

In e-learning, short courses should always be preferred in order to preserve learners’ attention. Learners are less tired because they are not exhausted until the end of the training.


The various multimedia elements composing the course should be displayed progressively.

Thus, it makes it easier to process the information and the learner is guided through the content.


It is strongly recommended that you add an audiodescription – voiceover – to your multimedia elements.

This facilitates both concentration and memorization because the learner assimilates what is read and heard more easily.

Multimedia content

It is recommended to vary the nature of the media (text, audio, image, video) inside the course.

The use of different media better stimulates the learner’s cognitive abilities.


Your training courses should include questionnaires, preferably placed regularly throughout your learning content.

This allows a better assimilation of knowledge and helps to keep the learner’s attention.

Profile-appropriate module

It is recommended to propose a module that is adapted to your learner’s profile.

By individualizing his content, the learner assimilates more quickly and efficiently the knowledge presented by your course.

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