The CogniLearning registration code: learners manage themselves

From our experience, we know how managing learner registration can be long and tedious.

The process of registration itself, i.e. communicating the login information to every learner, takes time that you probably don’t have.

At CogniLearning, we offer an autonomous registration system that we called “registration code”.

With a few clicks, you are able to generate a unique registration code composed of all the information related to the courses you want to provide to your learners:

the training content, the trainer, any specific course, any limit concerning the viewings, automated communication actions, etc.

Once generated, you can disseminate the code (which consists in both a login and a password) to your learners or training organisations (who will disseminate it themselves).

By using this code, every learner will be invited to create his own training account and will be attributed the specific settings you decide (content, trainers, specific courses, etc.)


As a consequence, your learners are in charge of their own personal information (name, email, etc.), independantly of any intervention on your part, while giving you full control upon the courses assigned, the trainer in charge, and the other essential elements.

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