A tool for creating content

CogniLearning developed its own content creation system for WYSIWYG training (“What You See Is What You Get”). It is both comprehensive and ergonomic.

You don’t need any specific skill to get the most of it. This tool allows the creation of a tree system called a “module”, where every branch is a chapter made of pages.

The pages contain various multimedia elements that constituted the core of the training.

Among these elements, you will find text, images, videos, audio, quizzes, etc.

Control every aspect of your training

Besides our WYSIWYG content creation tool, the CogniLearning platform gives you the possibility to manage several aspect of your training module:

The scrolling speed of the pages

The way the learner navigates in the module (whether he is free to navigate or he has to follow a specific order, etc.)

The display of correct answers (for the quizzes)

The standard language of the module

The maximum time one can spend to complete the training

And many more options!

In order to master all these options, and to get the most of CogniLearning, we offer training sessions focused on the content creation tool and its settings.

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