Numerous kinds of quiz to meet all your needs

The CogniLearning platform offers a numerous kinds of quiz, which allows you to meet both your needs and the statistical prerequisites for a good questionnaire (number of questions, variety of answer choices, avoid the over-representation of multiple choice questions, etc.)

If you want to know more, please see our page concerning good practice in questionnaire design.

Thus, you have access to:

single choice questions

multiple choice questions

fill-in-the-blank texts

open questions

association questions

Every quiz can come with a feedback, which allows you to display specific information depending on the answer (whether it correct or incorrect).

It is also possible to choose whether the quiz is evaluative or not (i.e. whether it counts in the final grade or not), which allows you to create mock exams, satisfaction questionnaires or to collect specific feedback from your learners.

An interactive training content

Thanks to CogniLearning, you can choose to make a specific content to appear or disappear depending on the learner’s answer.

You can thus create a training content that will evolve and adapt to the difficulties (or ease) of your learners.

On one hand, if a notion is not assimilated and the quiz failed, a new multimedia content will appear to clarify this notion.

On the other hand, if the learner passes the quiz, he will immediately move on to the next notion (as the additional information is unnecessary).

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