List of viewings

The CogniLearning platform allows to fully track the teaching activities of your learners.

Thanks to an intuitive interface, you know exactlty when your learner started his course, how much time he spent on it, what are his results, etc.


Every viewing of a learning content leads to the automatic generation of a nominative certificate, which contains the main information (title of the course, name of the trainer, duration, grade, identity, profile, etc.)

Every feature on the certificate can be customised, which allows to generate certificates containing only the relevant information. The CogniLearning platform also offers complete and dynamic tools to export information.

They allow you to generate your own tracking data, adapted to your specific needs.

Comparative statistics

Our system offers numerous statistical tools to analyse and compare information regarding your learners’ viewing activities.

Do you want to know:

if a content or a quiz is harder than expected ?

if a specific kind of learner is more performant on a given course ?

if all the learners have completed the module ?


Our advanced statistical analysis and dynamic graphs will give you the answers!

Advanced details of a viewing

Finally, the CogniLearning platform gives you the possibility to track the progress of your learners’ training step by step.

You can thus follow the learners’ progress through the module, which pages they consulted, in what order, how long they stayed on each page, and much more!

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