A wide range of languages and voices

The CogniLearning platform relies on the power of Google’s “text-to-speech” service to allow you to create voiceovers from any text content.

You can choose between many languages, as well as various kinds of maculine and feminine voices (different intonations and rythms)

A true-to-life voice-over !

CogniLearning gives you the opportunity to easily implement text content from your mulimedia elements in your courses thanks to our powerful WYSIWYG tool.

With a few clicks, you can test and edit the audio rendering before saving it.

Take advantage of our tool and generate ultra-realistic speeches with human-like intonations.

A global audio generation system for your modules

Hundreds of lines of text? Dozens and dozens of elements necessitating audio content? An extraordinary amount of work ahead ? No !

With a simple click, CogniLearning allows you to generate a voice-over for all your mulimedia features, texts and quizzes.

Don’t hesitate to boost the quality of your courses by adding a voice-over!

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