Creation of training modules

We offer a complete and intuitive solution for creating training content.

Based on the WYSIWYG concept (“What You See Is What You Get”), our creating toolbox is easy to use.

It allows you to create an tree system, where every branch is a chapter made of pages, which contain multimedia features themselves.

These features include texts, images, videos, audios, but also several kinds of quizzes, meeting all the needs for a trustworthy evaluation.

Creation of a proper training course

The CogniLearning platform allows you to go even further, by giving you the chance to combine training modules and thus to create a proper training course.

Within a course, the access to each module can be set in many ways !

As an illustration, you can ask for a minimal grade on the previous module to access the next one.

Obviously, other criteria can be used, such as time spent on the module, attendance, number of attempts, etc.

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