Fast deployment

Our working method is built around five phases.

Phase 1: Discussion and analysis of your contents or needs

The first phase consists in discussing about your needs and analysing your contents.

Concerning your needs and what you already use, here is the necessary information to implement our solution in the best conditions:

The number of persons to be trained per year

The number of training sessions per year

The number of persons to be trained during a session (individual or collective)

The duration of a session

The number of speakers for a session

Materials provided (content, quantity of information)

Questionnaires provided

Phase 2: Writing and creating the content

The second phase focuses on the writing and the creation of your training content.

The goal is to build a training that follows the current standards of e-learning, i.e. :

Use of various media (text, video, images)

Use of audiodescription (voice-over)

A progressive scrolling of the content

Short sessions (around 40 minutes, after which concentration drops)

Individualisation of content, adapted to every learner profile

Control of acquired knowledge with relevant questionnaires

Phase 3: Media generation

The third phase consists in the generation of media that will support you training system. Here are the different steps of the phase :

Writing the textual content

Creating and integrating images, visual animations

Recording the audiodescription (voice-over)

Synchronising these contents with each other

Phase 4: Finalising the training module

The fourth phase intends on finalising the training module. At this stage, your participation is essential.

You will be asked to validate each step of the training module, as well as the multimedia contents and their synchronisation

Phase 5: Dissemination of the learning module to the learners

The fith and last phase consists in disseminating the training module to your learners and follow their progress

To do so, there are several steps:

Creating users/learners on the CogniLearning platform

Internal dissemination of the system External dissemination of the system (such as employment agencies)

Analysis of statistical data and results

Implementation of corrective actions