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An e-learning platform serving your training project online

An interactive content editor
linked with a management tool of users and of their results

Easy and user-friendly creation

Easy and user-friendly creation

Edit your own multimedia contents thanks to our LCMS. Drag and drop your text, picture, video or quiz elements directly within the unit’s pages. Feel like trying? Don’t wait any longer.
Users’ management

Users’ management

Manage your users with our LMS thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly interface
Cognilearning - An e-learning platform serving your training project online
Trainings evaluation and monitoring

Trainings evaluation and monitoring

Check your learners’ knowledge acquisition and progression in real time thanks to the customized dashboard.
Secure client data

Secure client data

Your training units hosted on the platform are secure thanks to an access with password login


Cognilearning is meant to be available on any digital media to access training anytime and anywhere.


Your trainings can become global thanks to a multilingual e-learning platform.
You make the information exchange between countries easier and standardized.


Thanks to the Full Web technology, create, deliver and access your training pathways on the Internet. No software installation is needed.

Industrial company
Training organization
Healt care facility
They chose CogniLearning
Le site de production Amora Maille basé à Chevigny St Sauveur nous fait confiance depuis 2012. CogniLearning leur permet de former, à distance ou sur site, l'ensemble du personnel ainsi que tous les nouveaux entrants sur les thématiques Qualité, Hygiène, Santé, Sécurité Environnement.
Cela représente 200 personnes formées par an.
Framatome (ex AREVA NP) nous fait confiance depuis 2014. Notre solution CogniLearning est déployée sur différents sites Framatome en France.
Cela représente 1000 personnes formées par an.
La célèbre Moutarderie Fallot implantée à Beaune, utilise notre plateforme CogniLearning depuis 2013 pour former l'ensemble de ses nouveaux arrivants sur les thématiques Hygiène Sécurité et Environnement.